Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How My Dog Got Muddy (9/16)

It was a cool, gloomy day. I went to let my dog in from being outside. I looked down and saw he was completely covered in wet, icky mud! 

"Ew, you're disgusting," I shouted, and shut the door.

I called Sarah and said, "My dog is covered in mud, can you help me figure out why?" 

"Yes!" Sarah exclaimed.

As soon as Sarah got to my house, we investigated my backyard. Sarah and I saw some mud puddles, because it had rained the night before. There's also a spot in my backyard that gets really mud when it rains. 

Sarah and I went back inside to discuss our clues. We figured it out! My dog must have rolled in the mud puddles! 

Sarah said, happily, "We solved our case! Now we just have to give your dog a bath!"

Monday, June 6, 2016

My New Puggle

My dog Jake got really sick,so we had to put him down. That same day I got a puppy named Rigley. I was so happy that I finally got a puppy! He is a Puggle,Pug and Beagle. He has brindle fur,a curly tail,a little bit of wrinkles,and a short Beagle snout.

We have many nicknames for Rigley on of my favorites is Boo Boo lip. The reason we call him that is because he has a little bit of an underbite. Sometimes his underbite sticks out on one side, and gets stuck on his lip.
Another nickname is chew chew, ''BECAUSE HE CHEWS EVERYTHING!!''

His real name is Rigley Run Climb.His middle name is Run Climb because he likes to run and climb.